Mimicry's Pictures of Spider-man

I’ve had a lot of fun with the new Spider-man game recently and I thought I’d show of some of the shots I’ve gotten with it’s photo mode.

The wallpaper shot

Grit and gloom with the Noir suit

Armoured action shots

And celebration


Cool pics.
How’s the game? One of my friends plays it, he says it’s cool.

Gosh darnded! Why does this game have to be for PS4! The pics look amazing and only make me want to play it more.


Ol’ Spidey has put on a bit of weight.

Jokes aside, this is some pretty good “photography”.

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James Jonah Jameson would be proud


That armored kick shot is amazing

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The game itself is great; pleanty to do, smooth combat, and webswinging around is a joy. It’s perhaps a little shorter than I would have hoped for, but that said, the story is no longer than it needs to be.

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Those screen shots look like they were taken by the producers themselfs! Good job!

Parker! I need more pictures of Spider-Man on my desk by tomorrow morning! Now take your $20 and get out of my office!

Urich! Put this as the headline for this morning’s paper: “SPIDER-MENACE STREAKS CITY FROM AVENGERS TOWER!”


Well this is officially best comment.

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