Mine Mech Revamp

This is a revamp of 8957 Mine Mech, and my entry for the 2017 Bio-cup eliminatory rounds on flickr. We were tasked with revamping any Lego set, using a majority of ccbs, Bionicle, or technic parts.





I’m very happy with how it turned out!



I had this set, and liked it quite a bit.

But, this sorta loses some of the charm imo. The legs are longer and lose the stubbiness they had in the original, and I think a saw on it’s right arm would look much better.

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Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate the criticism about the legs. As for the saw, I wanted to use something different from the original, and that was the best thing that I could find.
: )

Maybe try filling the inside of it with some system bits? make it seem a bit more filled out


So did I!!! It was great.

The mech looks to streamline for me. But it’s otherwise amazing

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This moc feel like it was made in the pre-2010, this revamp capture the official model pretty well and better connection.

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