Minecraft community Game night! *NOW OVER*

Odd. My computer says it is currently 5:15 Rocky Mountain Time.

Can we only join the game night if we have Skype?
Or can I join too?

Anyone can join whether they have skype or not. Hope to see you there!

Also, those of you on early, the server won’t officially be ready to about 5:00 and is subject to crashes and restarts whilst I work on code. Pardon our dust!

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I can join. I also have a skype, so yee.

lol it says it cannot connect

Heh, the crashes made me create an alternate timeline. In one, I failed to save a horse and it died; in the other, I saved the horse in time.


Your out of date? No wonder I can’t connect I’m 1.8.1

Posting now to say the game night is officially up! Hope to see everyone who can join there!

why you still on 1.7.10

The game night is now closed. Thanks to all that joined, it was very fun! I will try to host another in the future as we now have a dedicated screwing around area for this type of thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, @ScissorKnightofRainbows if you are StudentScissors, I never got a chance to get you out of creative! If you could find a time when I could do this it would be great.

Thanks again everyone!

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Ok I’ll be on in a sec.

You’re welcome. That was fun!

I missed it! Dangit! Maybe I’ll make it next time.


I’m on the server ready to be de’creatived.

Sorry, I was just at dinner. You able to now?

Yep I’ve been put out of Creative.

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Aww. :frowning:

Still, maybe I can make it next time.

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