Minecraft community Game night! *NOW OVER*

Who’s up for some Minecraft?! :smiley:

This Saturday, March 14, I will be hosting a survival games night on the my server! Basically, the (excessively large) city will open up with mini-games that aren’t usually there, like block hunt and Hunger games. There will be cool prizes on the server (in game money, free donor ranks, and more) for winners of the mini games, so be there! Should start around 5:00 PM rocky mountain time.

Chat will be hosted through either the TTV steam community, or Skype. Not fully sure yet.

The server: http://minecraftservers.org/server/197443

If there are any delays (unexpected bugs, etc), they will be posted here.



May I say, this sounds very interesting, and the city looks amazing; unfortunately, I will not be there, because I don’t have the full version of Minecraft (my parents won’t let me play it yet).

I’m sad now. It looks like it would be really fun.

Anyway, I hope a lot of other people join in.

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also I wont be able to make it

Because reasons. Possibly because it costs money to get the full version; but they’re buying Disney Infinity game characters for my brother, so maybe not. I think the main reason is that it involves creepers and spiders and zombies (oh my). They do not approve. Whatever. I’m almost 17.

Perhaps I could try to persuade them by saying that it’s similar to Lego. IDK.

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Wait what?

Horrors. They have their reasons. I obey them like I should. Someday I will play the game.

Just not this time, unless something amazing occurs.

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how will the chat work?

I’m hoping people will be able to talk through the steam community. Worst comes to worst and we will be able to use skype, though.

ah, well i dont have steam so i might not be able to chat

Me neither. I do have Skype, though.

If I had a non-laggy computer, I would be down for this, as I do have a minecraft account as of three days ago.

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@Willess12 @northernphantom Ok, so I guess chat will be hosted through Skype xD

I suppose we’ll all be able to post our usernames, etc. in the Minecraft chat log.

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Skype would work best for me as well.

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I might make it, but I’d more likely be spending time on the same game with my sister who will be visiting from college.


The thing is, even if we wanted to use steam, it doesn’t have Minecraft in it’s library.
I would totes join in if I had the time this Saturday.

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I may or may not be there it depends but I definitely wont chat.

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Just a reminder to everyone: The game night is tonight! Please do your best to be there!

so if we’re doing skype how will this happen

It’s begun now.

Well, not quite- as I said, official time frame is 5:00 Rocky Mountain time, which is in about 2 hours. The city is still getting set up for some stuff… I’m currently in console working with permissions nodes.

As for skype…
@northernphantom I’m hoping we can post skype names in chat. That’s really the best we can do right now, unfortunately.