Minecraft Game Night 4/4/15

Since the last minecraft game night was a couple weeks ago, I think it is about time to do it again! This time we will still be on the Mineplex server. We will all meet up in room 42. The game will start sometime around 10:00pm Eastern Time.

Tagging last game's participants. @Political_Slime @StudentScissorsLeaker @Corex11 @Willess12


frowning I hope I won't have to wipe my computer again!

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Sounds great.

If I have my school done, I'll join.


So this is happening today? or later?

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As of this post, in 11 hours and 15 minutes.


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Youse a crazy guy, you.

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I may not be able to make it tonight. I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from falling asleep.


Is it tonight guys, anyway i know the ip but say it again and will there be a problem with crowding on the server.

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I'm going to use my better judgement

and go to bed

so I won't be able to come

sorry bout bailing frowning


Well, I just got home to my parents leaving, so I have to babysit for an unknown amount of time. Carry on without me for the time being.

Can I jump in or no?

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Sure. Try to contact another player from hereto join the group, if anyone is playing already.

So is anyone on now?

Tag the people that have posted here in a post.

@Lewch Corex11 @Willess12 @StudentScissorsLeaker @Political_Slime @TheMLGMovement

Are any of you on the server now? What version is the server?

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I'm not on. I'm going to sleep in a couple minutes...

I didn't notice it was mineplex, I thought it was survival or something lol

I was wondering if anyone here would want to set up a survival server with a couple of mods installed?

So, it looks like I missed this due to school.

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