Minecraft Homes and other Creations

Years ago, I lost many days to a game called Minecraft. You may have heard of it. In fact, there may already be a topic for people to post their minecraft creations on this board and I just couldn’t find it… anyways, I pretty much got off of Minecraft years ago, but once every couple of months I suffer a relapse and spend hours and hours on some world or another building elaborate houses for myself. These are the results of my latest relapse:

An oriental style castle on a hill…

…and a desert fortress that ended up more reminiscent of the hanging gardens of Babylon with a slightly lower density of plants.

Anyways, I know other people here play minecraft on at least a semi-regular basis. What do you guys like to build?


May I request more to judge them by?


These are pretty cool. I hope to see more in the future.

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Gosh I love making unique Minecraft houses. These look pretty great Scorpion Strike.

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I really enjoy the polished andesite block.

Perhaps my builds have become too reliant on it but I love it nonetheless.

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If only I had the patience to build those masterpieces in MCPE…

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I’ve actually been working on a bionicle themed mask forge for years now what do you guys say to its completion? Yay or Nay? Please let me know via replying to this post.

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Both are very impressive, particularly the oriental style castle.

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Like, in Minecraft? That’d be interesting to see.

yeah I’ve kinda been on hiatus because of life but here’s its basic structure:
circle with radius of 60 7 deep, 59 radius 6 deep and 58 radius 4 deep with the bottom most layer fully filled in. walkway with diameter of 5 that is semi-cylindrical that goes to a hemispherical platform that has a radius of 10 from the center block of the 60 radius circle’s uppermost layer. the platform has 4 maximized beacons and a biocraft forge on a small dias-like thing one block up from center block. A 1 block thick layer of lava is on the ‘floor’ of the structure to make it seem as if it’s a crater with a lake of lava with a platform suspended above it.

that’s its basic stats. still wanna see it finished? Let me know by responding to this post. Thanks for your time.

@Garnira made a mask forge as part of his Okoto in minecraft map.

If you want to make one I suggest you check his out for inspiration.

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Like the shaders affects u got going on?

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Yeah, I like using shaders to make the game look much better without resorting to texture packs.