Minecraft Pickaxe

I don't know why I haven't posted this, I've had it build for months.

Story: I was bored in my room, and I had my box of brown/tan System pieces in front of me. So I stuck a few plates together.

A few weeks later (yes, it took that long before I was satisfied), I got this. This thing has been beefed up to the point where it won't break if you hit something with it (unless you hit it reaaally hard [but why would you do that?])

This thing varies from 6 to 9 plates thick, and it fits perfectly in my left hand -- I smoothed off the corners of the handle where I hold it with special pieces so it won't chafe. (unfortunately, that meant using that one light grey piece; nothing I can do about that).

This thing is meant to resemble a Minecraft wooden Pickaxe. I tried to make it as uneven as possible, like real would wood be.

Oh yeah, before anyone asks if I plan to do any other Minecraft tools: the answer is a solid maybe.



You mixed up 'wood' and 'would'. Also, the durability is exceptionally impressive.

Diggy Diggy Hole

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