Minecraft Survival Server?

I was wondering if anyone in the community would want to help set up a minecraft survival server, and maybe apply a few mods in there as well? Leave your thoughts and ideas if your interested!


I can’t help set up a server, because I don’t have Minecraft; I can recommend some mods, though.

Lucky Block mod

Mutant creatures mod

Elemental Creepers mod

Check out PopularMMOS on Youtube

I reccomend using MCproHosting, they have a plan for 5 slots for 25 USD a year and then you can customize it however you want

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I don’t know, I was looking into Hamachi for hosting, but I just don’t know yet.

I’d be in.

I also have used MCProhosting, even their $10 plans or less are fantastic, with plenty of locations.

My friend and I tried that and it didn’t work, I do not reccommend it to run a minecraft server.

Here’s the deal with Hamachi, it can (as far as I know) only host 5 people including the owner, though I think this is out dated as I have a friend who has exploited the system to get 25 people but this is complex, otherwise for over 5 you need to pay, it’s also not 24/7, requiring you to be on Hamachi for it.

if you were going to add mods

then I would suggest a full out modpack, like ftb infinity, or somethin

but like if u manage, then il totes join

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