Minecraft Waterfall home

This is a House I made for myself on the Public Dalek Mod Survival server.



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Thank you!

But… how you get there?

There’s a door on the side

I see that there is a door on the side of the house, but how you get on the top of the cliff? It seems to be too high for just climb on it.

Trust me, it’s possible

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That looks nice.

well thanks!

nice… but where’s the pet dalek?
and the butler cyberman…
:stuck_out_tongue: just kidding… really cool! it’d be better if there was a secret room in the hill tho.

Who says there isn’t one

nobody, I guess. but still… where’s the DW stuffs? isn’t it on a dalek server? oh, and that mod is great. I haven’t downloaded it. but it’s still great.

this was just made with regular Minecraft blocks,but sometimes a Dalek, auton, or Cybermen would spawn or something.

oh, cool. you wake up, see a dalek hovering in your face…

So cool! I’m not a huge Minecraft guy but I understand the effort that goes into the really great builds like this

It’s pretty good. I think the build itself is a bit flat, and it needs more texturing. It would be more impressive if you did all of the landscape around it too.

This is minecraft NOT LEGO!!! And i don’t know what’s so cool at this…I thought this site was made for LEGO!

Just because this site was initially made for Lego doesn’t mean that we can’t post other things too :unamused:


From the category rules:

It can be anything bro


Ok, I understand now.