Minecraft Xbox 360: Ninjago Battle Craft Game Day

Tomorrow I will be having a Ninjago Battle Craft game day. You might be wondering what Battle Craft is, well it is kind of like Smash Bros. except in Minecraft and any sort of theme examples (Ninjago, Red vs Blue, Nexo Knights, etc.).


  1. No fighting in the lobbies
  2. No breaking blocks
  3. No trash talking or cussing
  4. Only take one row in the chests in the lobbies

Make sure you friend request me if you want to play. Also reply down below your gamer tag so I know who is friend requesting me. Also the game will start around 12:30 pm pacific time. Please do not be offended or be mad if I defriend from Xbox.

My gamer tag: KING VED 427

Aw, i wish i had a xbox 360 and minecraft.

I wish I had Xbox Live

Would play if I had An Xbox