yes this game...come on you knew it would be here at some point
the popular sandbox game that has spawned many parody's,minigames,modifcations, an entire youtubing community, and a machinima that will be released once the apocyalpse is upon us

now since this is a sandbox game there are many different ways to play you the three main modes as of now are
survival-a vast world to explore, or maybe you want to just find a nice spot to build and use the challenges and limitations given to you
creative-want to build something massive or small, maybe you want to test something this is the gamemode for you!
hardcore-experienced player? this mode only allows one death, meaning when you die...your gone for good (on the world not the game) (you can also go ultra hardcore and switch off natural regen meaning you need gold apples/potions to heal but UHC is more of a competitive thing)
now these arent the only ways to play as you can play online as well or if you like being solo you can alter the gameplay using commands (check the minecraft wiki) or play maps designed to kill you!
you can also fiddle with redstone, I wouldnt suggest to do so first thing.

now getting that out of the way what play style do you prefer and do you like multiplayer or singleplayer?

personally I like multiplayer, thats because I get to play with my friends..well I also like it cause I build, in fact I am a builder more than anything and I like showing these things off
this has been minecraft in a nutshell not really done by potao




haha saw that a while ago

I like single player survival the best, though I do play multi occasionally.

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I have a world similar to Biocraft but has lots of headcanon

I stick to single player survival for the most part. I've wanted to get into multiplayer but I don't really know anyone who plays. Like people I know well enough to go on and they know I'm a n00b at multiplayer and stuff.

Here's some random shots of my world I've been working on since 1.9 Beta.
Living room with complete record collection.

What are you doing up there you silly cat?

Kitchen(newly renovated)

Oh look a house guest(also, dining room).



Meat farm(chickens are out of frame).

A pic that shows the outsideish area. The building in the background with the chimney is my house. The one closer is villager housing(1 of 3).

Me looking like a Boss in my Skeleton Farm(Heh, minecraft Selfie).

Sadly, I had a video on Twitch of me going through my whole Minecraft world here. It was kinda long though. But for what ever reason its gone now. Guess Twitch doesn't let you keep videos there permanently or something? And my older screenshots are on my laptop so I don't have as much to show off. If anyone's interested I'll rerecord that video and export it to youtube.


twitch doesnt allow perment video keeping

oh and nice builds. this is something I built in creative when the 1.8 snapshots came

its a steampunkish sort of build, complete with my new banner!

mah banner

the interior

oh and something I built on a server

I built it on a plotworld on a friends plot its a modern house
I dont have pictures of my other builds just yet because the server I build on is temporary offline


I'm bored of Survival, and now days even multiplayer.
So I play MC With friends on weekends and such.
Then we try the Super Hostile maps on Hard.

thats probably because you are burnt out on minecraft, I suggest going a month without it then come back to it if you dont want to then okay

The server one is really pretty. That's neat. I dig the aesthetics of it all. Is the ice meant to be a road?

And did you build it in survival or creative? Creative has its uses but survival counts ya know? You had to work your butt off to get it in survival and that's what I like about it.

I use creative mode just for testing, either redstone circuitry, or aesthetic stuff.

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oh my poor survival world, my poor fracking survival world it got corrupted one day and know I am just to unhappy about that one to start over (and the ice on the plot wasnt by me its the server creators its to seperate the plots) and yes as you saw up there I did have a survival world, but in all seriousness soon I might make on with the mindcrack season 5 thing you know with the world border and stuff, oh and you need to improve on them exteriors!

oh and back to the survival topic, I was kind of tempted to get realms to play with my friends but alas I have none ok the no friends part was a joke, but all my friends only like minigames, and most servers have horrible survival so I am kind of all alone RIP potao- he a stubborn 12yr old jerk who made stupid statments about mocs that, he will remain hungry for potatoes forever

I made this in Minecraft once.

The "I4" is Insurgency4, that used to be my name.


nice pixelart

Thank you. It's Mewtwo's sprite in PKMN Gold.

I am not stupid, I know what it is

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Been playing for 4 years with breaks.

I want a new boss Jeb, not new strongholds and freaky fish squids.

As for Mp, I'm just needing Mini Game ideas.

I would be happy for all TTV Fans to get together on a server.

you arent challenged by the laser beams?

with the addition of Ender Mites there's a good chance we'll be getting a new dimension soon, as they've said that when they're done with the End they'll start work on the next one.

or more to the end!

Ahh that's why you should back up your saves. I have all my worlds backed up onto a flash drive. and my current world I back up after every major accomplishment.