Minethuselah's New Self MOC

Good grief Miney pick a self MOC and stick with it

That’s right folks, Miney no longer wears a red jacket and jeans. “Hangin’ With Miney” is a thing of the past, the characters are dead to me, and I have no motivation to continue producing “episodes.”

At long last, I have a self MOC that I’m legitimately proud to have completed. It is significantly more “close” to me because (heresy warning) I’m a Hero Factory kid. I wasn’t Lego’s target audience for Bionicle G1, but I was a huge fan of Hero Factory when it came out. My first constraction set was actually Breakout Stringer, so I’m really closer to Hero Factory than Bionicle (and I’m tired of pretending otherwise).

This guy also reflects my skills as a builder better now. The colors are more melded together, he actually has proper back covering, and he doesn’t rely completely on CCBS for limbs (just a little bit, though).

Because he is no longer a “4th wall” MOC, he can interact with my other characters as well, which is something I was never able to do before.

As for his actual lore, I haven’t fully decided but it will have something to do with more MOCs I’ve got planned (all Hero Factory themed, of course).

The scorpion tail is a bit of a nod to my favorite stuffed animal in combination with a reference to where I used to live (and scorpion tails are just rad). The Hordika head is specifically used because I have a foam mask of the exact same head (official Bionicle merch, by the way). Theoretically, if I wanted to, which I don’t, I could cosplay as this guy because his attire is all stuff that I have (black suit, red tie, Hordika head, minor changes needed but my point is made).

A few design notes

I’m particularly proud of the color layering on his suit. The Kalmah pads are one of my favorite Bionicle parts and I thought it would be a nice way to integrate the dark red more into the color scheme. The same can be said about the stinger on the tail - I really like the piece and it coincidentally fit really well with the scorpion aesthetic.

finger reveal

This was the hardest part of the MOC to design - the suit jacket. That’s why I asked Monopoly if the Ghid MOC was still in one piece. As-is, the build is very illegal but has a surprisingly stature, not even wobbling when I move the arms,

As time passes, as with every other MOC I make, I plan to update his design as I hone my skills and as I place more BrickLink orders, but this is generally what he’ll look like. Maybe one day I’ll get around to making more outfits for him.

I hope y’all like the new face of Minethuselah, because if I don’t have any more existential crises, he’s here to stay for a while. Thank you for reading, leave comments and criticisms and coins in the replies, and have a nice day!


Woah, now that’s a very nice and unique figure! The suit and tie design directly stood out to me (and the red and white represents your avatar nicely) and I love how well the Kalmah armor works, it creates a very nice color blend. The stinger is a defining feature and seeing a Hordika head is always nice. I like it a lot!

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Only the best self mocs rip off Ghid :sunglasses:

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Will I be a better person if I rip off Ghid’s character, just as how MOCs are better if they rip off Ghid?

thank you kind sir

I have a hilariously outdated and out-of-style tie that I plan to scan and print directly on that piece that would fit even better…



if it means hating anime, yes :triumph: :sunglasses:

Only complaint with the moc is that it seems like you made quite the nice character concept and then tried to cram it into Hero Factory. Him being a Hero while also being a scorpion-man-hordika hybrid doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and as I’ve found out over the years with the physical incarnation of my flawless physique in plastic form, Ghid is about as much a Bionicle character at this point as Greg is married, which means pairing Ghid with other media is significantly easier as he’s malleable enough to exist almost anywhere with no real difficulty.

I’ll miss TV head Miney, but scorpion tail Miney goes just as hard :goo:


The thought process was he’s some sort of field agent for Hero Factory, not necessarily a hero. The core on his tie was partially to connect the tie to the neck and partially to get the logo in somewhere. With this feedback, I might change his “core” to being on the lapel where the green dot is, and the tie will be updated to not need the core on it.