Mini Lewa Returns (stop motion)

I want to start by apologizing for the inside jokes in this that will leave people scratching their heads. Those jokes come from me and my Friends Bionicle comedy central, they were put in there to sort of connecting our old comedy universe to these new stop motions I'm making. However, I don't believe it's necessary to get those jokes to enjoy the rest of the video. Just in case you're interested though here's a bit of back story on those inside jokes:

Mini Lewa: A character of my own creation I made years ago. He is a failed clone of Toa Lewa who became much more mischievous, annoying, and a little evil at times. He really has no conscience or common sense. He can end up working with the good guys or bad guys.

Hulerva: A villain who disguise himself as Velika and took over several worlds. He hired Mini Lewa to help him. The Writers (The nickname for the guys who wrote the comedies and were also characters in them) eventually defeated him and all his minions.

Vezon: In the BCC-verse Vezon is also a Lawyer. Just encase you're wondering stuck_out_tongue.

(I apologize for doing a terrible Vezon voice stuck_out_tongue )
(Oh yeah, and that typo at the end where it thanks you for 'watcing'. I will fix that when I get time, probably stuck_out_tongue)

I hope you enjoy this! I know my style of humor isn't exactly for everyone. Please feel free to tell me what jokes you liked. It helps me with future projects to know what people enjoyed about my older ones.


the dancing joke was great