Mini-Scale Hero Factory

Ok ok, I got it. The MOC is way to simple. So what? I don’t know who else has had the idea to make Hero Factory in mini-scale before!


I can see what you were going for, but the real Hero Factory is a lot more rounded and curvy, as well as getting much wider near the base. It also has lots of darker colours near the back, while this is one big grey triangle.

The only part where you did make it curvy (the top) is the actual only part that isn’t curvy.


[blocks your path]

If it wasn’t for the HF tile, I wouldn’t know what this moc is based off of.


This is nice! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else try to make a physical representation of the HF. Well done!

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There have been others prior to you.


If it could be more smooth,this would be perfect. Great work with this.