Mini-Scale T1 Typhoon from Dino Attack


the tail should probably just be a stud wide rather than two studs. rest looks great.


The back propeller looks too big, but for all rest, this is great!


Same with what everyone else said about the tail, but aside from that this looks great.

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I agree with the statements about the tail.
But everything else looks positively fantastic!

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This looks quite accurate, well done.

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It’s not bulbous enough except from the back, the rest of it looks a little too flat and the lack of the gap in the middle makes it look a little blocky, it’s alright but not that great, I suggest making the tail a little thinner

I do, however, like that you kept the colour scheme and I like how you’ve done the weapons

An alright moc but needs a few edits

There could be more dark blue, but great job!

Dark Blue… Why? The set I made in mini scale has no dark blue whatsoever…

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The dark blue in the propellers could be spread more throughout the moc for color consistency

Thats black
The lighting is funny


Wait what???

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Yeah, take a closer look
Sometimes that happens.

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Yes it’s black. I am kinda astonished that you saw it dark blue.

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It’s because of the reflection of the blue backround