Think this belongs in Entertainment.

Anyways, Minimates are these things that are essentially blocky/stylized figures made by Diamond Select, that are taller and much more articulated than minifigures. @Thefezmeister is the only other dude here who I know collects them, so I was wondering if anyone else was into this (admittedly sorta niche) style of figure.

For reference:

and the best thing ever for memeing with


I think the only ones i ever wanted were the deadpool corps.

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Isn’t that the super expensive and rare convention exclusive set?

Not sure, but i never ended up getting any. Maybe in the future.

They all look like they’re in terrible pain.

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All I can say is the non-humanoid/“specialized” molded figures tend to look the best.

I’ve always wanted the alien ones

I never even heard of these, but the only ones that look decent to me are the xenomorphs.

The rest look kind of ugly (except for Krane and The Lizard who just look hilarious)

Yeah, it’s definitely not a commonly shared taste from what I’ve seen. For whatever reason the style works well for me, but I definitely understand why it wouldn’t appeal to everyone.

These aren’t really my thing. They always looked a bit odd to me.

I can’t say I hate the look of them, though.

They’re the kind of thing that if I got them as a gift I’d keep them but I don’t think i’ll go out of my way to get any of them.

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