Minimize Reply Window Bug

I mostly use the mobile site, and boy is it difficult. This update has not been kind.

Problems from before are still there, like hitting the search icon while at a high post number crashing the site. Now there is a new one: minimizing the reply window carries you about 10-20 posts up. Sometimes this causes the page to crash. It is also worthy of note that sometimes when I close the keyboard it causes the page to crash and reset.


Whenever I reply, the grey box for replying often doesn't go away until I refresh the page

It appears once or twice for me, but it is not too bad.

Which reply button, the reply to comments or the reply at the bottom? Could try switching between the two to see which is better - or simply avoid either and use quotes for the time being.

Both cause the problem, I've tested it some more:

  1. Hit the reply button on a topic with +100 posts (Doesn't matter which button)
  2. Hit the box to type. The keyboard pops causing the reply box stretches to fill the rest of the screen. (Not sure if this only affects Tablets)
  3. Closing the keyboard or the reply box causes the problem. As I said before you are flung a number of posts back, about 20 or 50. Most of the time this causes the page to crash.

That works for one person replies, but replying to multiple people is extremely difficult.

Unfortunately i think its programmed into the site that its stretched across the page, could try PM'ing a staff member and enquiring i guess - but chances are it'll be something the provider has put in place that cannot be changed.

Try just using the 'tagging' method for the meanwhile?

You can tag multiple people by using something similar to '@Triple' and for the most part that should bypass the reply system glitch you mentioned here.

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2 affects phones as well. I'm on mine all the time.

Do you experience this bug as well?

Well, I have had the site scroll up a few posts sometimes, but that might just be my dumb phone, I don't know.

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The same has happened to me on my phone.

Sometimes when I post on mobile, I need to refresh the pare before seeing my post #weneedattvmbapp