Minotaur Maze: Game

Your die rolls are:

@EvilLobsterKing 7

@Gwideon 5

@Baldric 7

@HewkiiDaKohliiHead 4

@Hawkflight 8

@FreeLanceVelika 4

@Whaddon 5

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Ok, which blue figure am I?

The one with the item you asked for.

I am seeing that I didn’t quite give as much information as I thought I did.

The colors are:

@Gwideon Yellow (will be grey in the next Pic.)

@EvilLobsterKing True white (also the one mostly hidden by the chicken.

@Baldric Light blue

@HewkiiDaKohliiHead Dark blue (Has the trans-blue crystal mace on top.)

@FreeLanceVelika Dark Red

@Hawkflight Bright red

6 down and 1 left please.

6 spaces up.

5 down and 2 right please…

4 spaces up.

5 spaces up

@KultaDaLimeHead you have until tomorrow to post your movement, or else you will not move this turn.

3 up.

New picture.

The new rolls are

@Baldric 8

@Hawkflight 5

@EvilLobsterKing 8

@FreeLanceVelika 7

@Gwideon 10

@KultaDaLimeHead 6

@Whaddon 5

Also, you may request a first person point of view if you wish.

I’m confused which one is my charecter. so um i guess first person view please

You are the gray one, with the dark gray dagger on top.

Here’s your first-person view.

I can turn the view if you want to see the space between @EvilLobsterKing and @Hawkflight.

lel first person views of people’s heads

I’d like to see a first person view as well.

Also, the lime-headed thing in the top left is an enemy, right?

You didn’t say where you wanted to look. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s your actual first person view.

Yes, that is an enemy. The lime green stud is the monster blood that will drop when you kill it.

So does that monster in the side corridor have a sword?

It seems I moved up and right, not down and right?
What is going on here?

Move 2 left and 8 up

Sorry, I thought you switched up and down.

You may want to know that you can’t get out through the entrance. (the entrance was sealed.) If you would still like to be down there, I can put you there.

No, but when it attacks, it will hurt.

I know, I just have a weird way of playing games.