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Since I'm a Master now, I thought I'd make a topic for all of my accounts.

My main platform is here, but I do YouTube under the name Tahu Tim and post additional photos on my Flickr. On YouTube, I mainly review my MOCs and constraction sets. You can find lots of footage on older, disassembled MOCs that I'll never post here due to my current MOCing ability, but will keep on YouTube in order to make a sort of history of my MOCs.

On Flickr I go under Miraku and mainly post photos that I post here, but I am starting to make things Flickr exclusive, so people have a reason to check me out on there. I have a Google+ as well, mainly to see new MOCs and post YouTube videos. I also have an account on BZP under the name Miraku which I never use.

Here's my most recent video:

And a not so recent photo, but one I haven’t posted here.

Commentary and criticism of my videos and photography is appreciated.
Thanks for reading!


I used to be a master like you.


Then I took an arrow to the knee.


I now have an Instagram! Haven’t posted anything there yet, but should have a few things up in the near future. I go under miraku_tahutim if anybody is interested.

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I was thinking of making a Bionicle reference show on my YouTube called The Sub-Levels. It would delve into lesser known (aka not featured predominantly in that year(s) sets) characters, objects, and places. Some examples would be The Nuva Cubes and Dweller.

It would start with a brief overview of their story significance, then go in and review their media interpretations (Comics, Books, Models) and close up with my opinion of the subject. This may never happen, but I just wanted to get the idea out there.