Mirishiki, Toa of Twilight (my girlfriend's partial self-moc)

Epsilon Archive
Entry #: 0027
File written by: Alpha.

Subject: Toa Mirishiki (Miri)
Team: Toa Koreta
Element: Twilight
Mask: Currently wears the Austherian mask of transportation, formerly wore the mask of stealth
Weaponry: tri-barrel rifle, sniper rifle, dual batons, ancient mask maker sword, shadow disk launcher, wrist mounted double barrel blaster, wrist blade
Personality: Untrusting, loving, closed off, adventurous, daring
Abilities: manipulation of light and shadow. Athletic and swift, capable of moving at incredible speeds

History: Mirishiki was an orphaned child, her village was raided by a group in search of her. She escaped, wandering alone until she was found and taken in by two Austherians, she was raised as their own, her adopted sister Yurie made sure to protect her from Austherians who might judge her for being foreign. At a point in Miri's new life her village was attacked by the very same group who attacked her first village, the “Seven Devils” During this attack, Yurie helped her to escape. In search of Mirishiki, the group killed all of the residents of the village, only sparing Yurie, taking her in to gain information

Current history: Mirishiki has been living as an assassin, taking odd jobs whilst searching for her sister. Mirishiki recently took up a new assignment, kill the Toa Koreta, which she intended to complete swiftly, though the leader of the team was more than she expected

Mirishiki with her sniper rifle.

Mirishiki with her ancient sword.

Mirishiki with her shadow disk launcher.

Mirishiki with her tri-barrel rifle.

Mirishiki with her dual batons.

Mirishiki with her wrist blade.

Mirishiki with her wrist mounted double barrel blaster.


Were the guns really necessary? They don't fit in.


hm... Nuva shoulder head and 'hair'....

Eh otherwise she's alright. The greys don't mach though, and so don't the purples...


I've always seen the Nuva shoulder as more of a face. And different shades of a color don't bother me.

They do fit in given her profession before becoming a Toa, along with her personality.

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Hello Toa Kasai, please give this topic a read.

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there's no eyes...unless you were going for an odd mask thing...

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The mask is made for a different race than her own, so it doesn't fit her properly.

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Uh, think ya got enough weapons there?

Also , that head, including the hair, is really bad.

Oh and I can excuse the greys being slightly different shades, but those are drastically different purples.

To quote calvatron
"The story doesn't justify the cons"
It still has an ugly head, and guns in-universe.


Pretty basic, but nice. Not a fan of the face, but I actually like the hair in how it was integrated. Nice work.

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I can supply a moc with as many weapons as I like.

You're opinion, personally I like the head and the hair.

As I said the colors don't bother me. The pink-ish purple is for her hair, around her heart light, and for her weapons, the darker purple is for her armor plating.

And again, your opinion.

prepares for cancer

sees MOC

Heh, better than I was expecting.

It's ... simple, is probably the best I can say. It looks like the objective was a lot more towards posability than the appearance of the MOC. Not a fan of having two tones of purple in the same MOC, but since one's armor and the other is "hair", I might could give it a pass. The head is... meh, works better than a lot of other FeMOC heads. Have my doubts about whether the Metru chest was the way to go. Weapons look pretty nice, the double-barrel weapon and batons are the only ones I really dislike.

Correct me if I'm wrong but:

Midak Skyblasters
Zamor Sphere Launchers
Xia noted as a weapons manufacturer

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yes, those are "guns" but they aren't realistic guns.
it feels wrong to see a toa with a human weapon.

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I agree with @Dr_Chronos also you should know that female Mocs will always be criticized no matter how well they are built @Toa_Kasai but from all the female Mocs I have seen this is the most "appropriate" so good job!

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I like this one. :smile:
There's not much that's too innovative about it, but she's got a fair bit of character to her and the proportions aren't bad either. The mixing of purples is's great - just having her hair being slightly different is fine, that kinda makes sense, but having that same colour on her weapons really doesn't make sense.

Only serious problem I see with her is the feet. They're very large for such a short MOC.


In story weapon. I understand the complaint, but the world of BIONICLE isn't restricted to the tribal nature of the original years. The universe in canon as a whole is a lot broader than many have come to believe. It's a science fiction series. Guns exist. Blasters exist. Giant mechanical robots exist. Spaceships and organic creatures and space travel exist. Anything is possible.


that is not a realistic weapon, that is a glorified nerf gun and I love it.

she has a sniper rifle, since when was that in the MU?

and I don't care about projectile weapons in bionicle, you can have blasters if you want, I just don't like real world weapons in-universe. feels lazy when there's so many creative designs (including that lightstone rifle) to choose from.

It is Bionicle, it's not going to be firing actual bullets. I feel like your problems with the gun primarily consist of it resembling a real world sniper rifle, and me referring it as a "sniper rifle"

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...To be fair, it resembles the real world weapon, and is the same name as the real world weapon. I think Yink can be excused for thinking that it would fire actual bullets.

I'm not a huge fan of this MOC. Something about the coloring seems off, that Metru Armor sticks out too much, and I feel a better mask could be used.

However the torso isn't too bad barring the Metru Armor.