Miru Slug xD

Quickly sketched this since they were talking about insects in 154 xD. I do the same thing as Viper. I spray insects to death with anything that can spray. But this summer in particular, we have so many flies we had to get those sticky fly catcher things that hang from the ceiling like tape. Sometimes the flies would get caught but wouldn’t die so they would buzz very loudly. I wanted to kill them with out touching them, so I set them on fire : ).


Cool is this the reason Eljay uses a Miru does a slug control Eljay

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So, I wonder what’s under Slugjay’s Miru?

@Random_great_being He controls an army of slugs like Ant-Man. He can only control them while wearing his cardboard Miru.

So those aren’t hands but slugs

@Random_great_being There are no hands. Only slugs.

Plot twist recap reviews are run by a half slug of mirus

@Random_great_being There are no reviews. Only slugs.

I hate slugs. Especially with their creepy breathing holes where you can literally see the inside of their bodies when it opens and closes. shudders


@Rockho Lol not the slugs I was talking about the flies on the ceiling tape.

I knew that, but what did you use to set the flies on fire? A lighter?!

@Rockho Lol I actually couldn’t find one so I lit cotton buds (cotton swabs for Americans) on the cooker and lit them with those.

Q-tips for Canadians :wink:


I like it. It’s awesome.

I’ve lost (Alot? A lot?) of aerosol deodorant that way before I realized it doesn’t work for that.

Aww, Yeah.


ah yes, the Ashens method, a wise choice.

I love the shading on the miru.

even if that dark stripe up the side should stop before it reaches the eye slit

my goodness this is great

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Dear god


@Payinku I looked up reference so it would be perfect and that’s actually the thickness of the plastic. The angle made it very thick for some reason.

@Ghosty The only other logical thing to do ‘imo’…

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I was expecting something like this.


@Craig_B More like a Miru Slinky xD