Miscellaneous characters (Eenergized protodermis entity, Kestora,Meisneros,Pagaki)

Here is my interpretation of 2 entities and 2 original creations.

Energized protodermis entity, the force of nature

And a turnaround
Energized protodermis entity

Kestora, the red star workers

Some variants

A turnaround

Meisneros, Toa of magnetism

Due to the lack of notable Toa of magnetism in the story, I decided to create one.

As a bit of backstory, Meisneros comes from the northern continent. At some point, he became a Toa and the protector of his homeland, work he took very seriously. His great mastery of his elemental powers and his fighting techniques combining his guandao with his bagh-nakha made him a formidable adversary, so that even dark hunters avoid to confront him.

If he was appreciated by his village for his skills, his honor and his kindness, his solitary nature made him distant.

He participates to the toa/Dark hunter war. When the brotherhood of Makuta started the genocide of the toa of iron and magnetism, he managed to escape an ambush with difficulties, and hides in the southern island. He lives in a small isolated village, waiting for an opportunity to take his revenge on the brotherhood.

When destiny war started, he joined his forces with the other toas to the resistance.

After the destruction of the Great spirit robot, he migrated on spherus Magna.

A turnaround
Mesmeros Toa of magnetism

Pagaki, the guardian of Mahri Nui

Considering we didn’t get a proper Ko Matoran in 2007, I decided to create mine.

A turnaround

Stud.io files and breakdown photos

Energized protodermis entity - Google Drive
Kestora - Google Drive
Meisneros, toa of magnetism - Google Drive
Pagaki - Google Drive

Custom parts

Great Kraahkan (variant) (HP4NT6P4E) by Galva_bot
Bionicle Z Saber (Megaman X) by Scmdex - Thingiverse
Bionicle Toa Nikila's Hips Armor by Scmdex - Thingiverse
Bionicle Weapon Propeller Drill Claw Toa Pohatu prototype by Scmdex - Thingiverse
Bionicle Guandao by Scmdex - Thingiverse
Bionicle Bagh Nakha by Scmdex - Thingiverse
Noble Mask of Possibilities (7AVTCYMSV) by Galva_bot

Meisneros Mask: Elemental Mask of Plasma by Galva

Kestora mask: Kanohi Kiril (Toa Orai) by Galva

My stud.io pack: Scmdex Pack - Google Drive


-Meisneros comes from Walther Meissner, and german physician who gives his name to the Meissner effect, the diamagnestim inducted in a supra conductor when cooled.

-Pagaki means ice cube in greek

I hope you will appreciate these models. Every constructive suggestions to enhance the models are welcome.


Red Star works huh? Are they living?


What’s the mask of the Toa?


An elemental mask of plasma by Galva.
Available only in his stud.io pack

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