Miscellaneous Weapons

Here are some random weapons I've created (Sorry for the lighting in these photos- I couldn't turn off the auto brightness on my camera.).


For some awesome Warglaives!

These are definitely my favourite of the bunch. Still not sure which moc to use these weapons on though...

They are fairly simple in design, but I think the end result looks great.

Next up we got some sort of fire hammer inspired by 2016 Onua's weapon.


Of course it does Robin! The gear which activates the shooter is hidden in the opposite side of the hammer so you don't accidentally bump and shoot off some studs.

In the same vain as the Warglaives, I have no clue which moc I should use this hammer with.

This is some sort of Xian energy rifle I created.

The zamor sphere can be fired from the rifle if you just push down on it how you normally would with a thornax launcher.

Put your hands where I can see them cowboy!

These are some cowboy inspired Xian pistols.

These pistols use two reverse tiles from a Chima set with some nice engine printing as a base.

Last but not least is this staff I created for Lerik (The guy I've used to showcase all these weapons.).

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: If people want a how-to on any of these, just reply with what you'd like to see!


Love the Illidin Blades

Can you make New Destiny (Graves Shotgun)

Its the challenge they say the will but never do


(gets nailed by a big game hunter 2 seconds later)

Nah man, these are pretty groovy.


Or polymorph

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I love them all!

"I've got tha beast in ma sights"

really cool weapons
the hammer's my favorite

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These are really cool, the warglaives and the Xian energy rifle in particular

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whoa i really like that hammer

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Yep. I was not prepared.

The Warglaives, Hammer, and Energy Rifle are quite grand.

These are all really well made, I really like the hammer.

All beside the hammer-gun is good.

Pretty neat, creative, and functioning weapons you have. Thank god there aren't any SMGS or sniper rifles in the bunch.


The weapons look really cool :smiley:

That hammer is just Groovy. I like the other weapons a lot to.

I'll give it a try! It looks awesome.

@SwagMeister Yeah, I hate those modern inspired weapons people make... They don't even fit in the Bionicle universe. I can understand if some one makes an original universe (Looking at you DawnofNSSD) and then makes them for it, but just for the canon world it doesn't fit.


These are great!

The Energy Rifle and the Staff are awesome. :smile:

The rifle is the best one in my opinion. I don't really like the pistols though

Superb job with all.

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