Mishearing song lyrics

What are some times that you misunderstood the words to a song? (keep it appropriate)

To start off, as a kid trying to sing All Star because it was in Shrek, I thought the first lines went:
‘Somebody once told me the world was gonna blowey,
I ate the sharpest tool in the shed.’


I used to think Night to get lucky said “Mexican Monkey”


“The Final Countdown” has always caused problems for me, as well as George Ezra’s Budapest.

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I had this exact same problem. Except mine was ‘Mexican Ducky’.

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Thanks to being an avid watcher of ‘misheard lyrics’ videos in my teenage years, there’s quite a few songs I always hear wrong nowadays, and I love it.

Probably what screwed my hearing of lyrics the best was this:

I bet to treeman dipper.


“All my friends are eating steak and slow” was how I heard heathens by TøP at first :joy:

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I used to wonder why Phil Collins kept saying “A lard” in the song “In The Air Tonight”

Then years later I found out the line was “oh lord.”


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I will now attempt to recollect what I as a Swedish 7 year old with barely a grasp at all of the English language thought was being sung in creeping in my soul.

I see your face Before miayas
(complete nonsense in any language. but it’s what i thought was sung.)
some time later after my grasp of the language had improved ever so slightly i Heard the lyric as:
I see your face behind my mask.

the rest of the song was mostly gibberish until somewhere around 4th grade.
“wai mustai fajttastaialav”
(i remember hearing some Swedish in the song aswell some times but can’t remember any examples)

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wai mustai fajttastaialavq

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I used to wonder why that new posthumous Prince Song “Mary don’t you weep” had lyrics talking about posting werid comments on videos about the EU banning memes but it turned out that I somehow clicked on a video by CommentEtiquette by accident.

I thought it was “Robot Mexican Lucky”

Oh yeah, we can’t forget “Digimon are the trumpets”.

For Radioactive, I though “enough to make my systems grow” was “just don’t make my systems blow”.

Also, with Crashed, I thought “crashed into you” was “crashed in the earth”.

better than me. i honestly thought it was. " and then i crashed in the oooooo"
in my defence I barely knew any English in 2007.

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I thought it was “Crashed in the air.”


‘Choosing our wisdom choosing our faith’

My mishear gravity hearts

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That’s actually not wrong. Look up the official lyrics.

As did I

Until today, just now


I thought the same

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for a good few years i thought they said “Weevil Moss Our good old mama, must have whiskey oh you know eye”

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