Misira Nui: Toa Telzin

Finally finished the last of the six portraits for the Toa in the story I’m working on. The world’s gone through a lot of changes since I finished the last one, as have parts of my Toa design, but I’m gonna stick with the set. So, without further ado…

Telzin, Toa of Air

Extroverted, wild, and energetic to the point of being hyperactive, Telzin made a reputation for herself as the life of the party as a Matoran. However, it also made it difficult for her to keep a job down and she often found that she exhausted even the sociable Le-Matoran outside of regular festivities. There was a general sense among many that, while plenty enthusiastic, she wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility of being a Toa, a sentiment that one does not call a clown to defend them from danger; one calls a soldier. Events have proven the doubters wrong; though she is often more reckless than is healthy in the face of danger, Telzin’s a capable fighter and flyer in the fight and has taken on the role of being the glue to keep the team together out of it. Her wings, supported by extending protodermic rods, are tipped with small, sharp blades, allowing her to attack with slashing motions in the air, while on the ground clawed hands and feet and an talent for pushing foes around with concentrated air blasts make her an effective fighter.

Descriptions for the rest of her crew can be found in this topic:

I would’ve just stuck this picture in there, but apparently topics can’t be edited after a while; that’s why I was never able to stick Ilani’s finished picture in the topic (it’s in the replies further down, though). Given that the name and a bunch of other stuff regarding the project has changed as well, I decided just to make a new topic for this one.