Misorak, the hidden makuta

One of the last surviving makuta on bara magna he hides from hunters and others who killed the others by using his shape shifting to become the aquatic rahi species. He occasionally hunts matoran near his sea but other than that it’s mostly just other species of rahi.

Misorak vs aquaria

Mid transformation.

As a shapeshifter I was able to include a rahi form I like to call an agami war dragon. (If there are any better names you can think of for it tell me in the comments)

Aquarias new pet

Mostly for makuta mode I tried to him based off a shark (head and fins) with a manta ray (axxon blades). The rest is just whatever looked cool for bionicle. the rahi sees through water ripples so it has no eyes (and adding eyes restricted the legs for makuta form).


Hm…I’m not impressed by this, especially in comparison to Aquarias.

It’s stockiness is a little off-putting, and its lower legs are questionably armored. The thighs have none and the shins have the Visorak feet pointing inside out.

I also don’t know what’s going on with the chest, it’s all over the place and odd-looking and the Mata blue isn’t anywhere else enough to be considered part of the color scheme.

Could be better I feel.


Pros are 2 points and cons are -1 points
Color scheme is consistent

Terrible torso, makes him look fat
Makuta are supposed to be way bigger than this
All makuta died before reforming of spherus magna
No makuta live on bara magna
Head is random
Armor is thrown on randomly
Weapon (if it is) looks dumb
Matoran dont live on bara magna
Makuta could not have been killed on bara magna if there were none
Toa do not live on bara magna

Overall… -7
Lowest score ive given yet
Please trash this moc and use it to make better ones
Re make story as well

I’ll admit I stopped really paying attention during those years and all my information came from the legend reborn. I only Saudi that becuase I’m not sure why. As for the built I was going for an onua 2015 wide look but obviously this guy needs some upgrades. I’ll see what I can do. When I post v2 I’ll work on that story too.

I don’t really care for backstory so the fact that he’s a Makuta doesn’t really bother me. I haven’t seen short or small Makuta MOCs but I think it could work.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work here. Misorak just seems like a lazy and cobbled build. I understand you were aiming for Onua widness, but the chest needs some serious reworking.