Misprint Kraata

As the title implies, is anyone familiar with misprint Kraata? I own one from way back when I aquired Panrahk.

It’s trans-dark green where it should be bronze, I’m aware of a few other color combinations, any info would be appreciated!!


It could be an Illusion Kraata, but it’s most likely a misprint.

I’m quite sure this one is a misprint (tan and trans dark green, the same color as panrak kal’s eyes) it also was included with my brown rahkshi and not from kraata packs.

The topic was actually to try and gather information on other misprint kraata, at the moment I know of two other misprint color combinations (gold and clear, & black and milky clear)

I found a other misprint just like yours`P

Now I want yours too haha, I’m collecting kraata in mass

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