Mistuh_Grammaticul/Pirean21/SonOfFireSpirits21’s Bionicle/Constraction 2015 reviews in a nutshell(As of now)

Alright guys, it's time to share my thoughts of the Action Figure Toyline segment of LEGO. I will review each set with my own personal opinion. Without further ado, let's jump into:

Bionicle 2015's Winter Wave

Look out! The master of Fire can finally feel the powe- oh, sorry smile . I got caught up a little too much. The critique will now be stated.
This Toa, the leader of Okoto's guardians himself, is quite a bit of a letdown. He's the smallest of the "large" sets in pieces, yet the tallest of all of the Toa. Sure, he comes with 6 of the new Vahki-based clip-ons, but that, coupled with his chestplate, is the only gold available in this set entirely. His Fireswords are still elegant, and while most everyone here thinks the silver should be removed entirely, I feel that this gives him a more... down-to-earth feel. Otherwise, he needs more Gold shells, and his 5 Module "A" Beams, as with his hands, need to be changed to a Trans-reddish orange. All in all, I give my father a 7/10, good, but not the best.
Did he slip? Or did he not? Find out next time on Bionicle: Legends of Okot- woop, there it goes! Better get to the critique immediately!
Kopaka is a pretty sturdy set in entirety. His honest-to-goodness coverage of the open balljoints helps him not look like his arms aren't on a backpack he wears, and the weapon change is nice, too! Sadly, he is the only Toa to use gold properly, and more often than the others. I hope that, if Takanuva comes into play, he'll use Silver with Gold. His stickers are marvelous, and thankfully optional. The gaps in his feet are fine, too, and really illustrate his "clumsiness". Also, if you really hate the recycles shield, there's nothing wrong with that, though the way he holds it (shudders). Giving him an 8/10, much more helpful than Tahu.
What a guy-I mean, gal! 'tis amazing! Review commencing.
Gali is all-around superb, and such a feminine build is immediately approved in the fanbase. I love the aesthetic choice going for her lower legs and waist. The main downgrading fact is the lack of Dark Azur, like the other "canister" sets. Of course, the fact that her extreme friction can't hold that huge weapon is a letdown. I think LEGO should've replaced the friction gears with a balljoint connection, and I've even tried that on a small MoC. In all honesty, Gali gets a 6/10, a nice build for now.
High-fly! You guys are all losers! HAHAHAHAAAAA.....My bad. I'll get on with the review.
Lewa is probably the most aesthetically proper Toa, with those amazingly superb baggy pants-I mean bulky armorings of his legs. He looks nice, and that Keetorange will be loved by all. His neck movement needs modification, though, and a nice hunch would be great. In the meantime, who thinks he stole @Eljay's cardboard Miru, then fused headphones into them?
You get an 8/10, Lewa, you jerk. Whatever.
I hate you, Kopaka, I hate you, Tahu, and I hate you too, G1 version Pohatu. Go to Karzahni!!!- Sorry, I start now.
Pohatu really looks like a Toa of Stone, and who cares if he's smallest of the Toa? He has that determined, stubborn appearance going for him, and it fits him perfectly. The only thing that lets him down is his Gearbox, but no one cares anymore, since it really looks good on a character like him.
Later, Tahu. I gotta work out. In the meantime, could you guys work a bit more on unity? I don't need to grab your head agai- whoops again!
Onua is probably the bulkiest of the Toa, and the one worth buying. His Gearbox friction is superb, and the build amazing! The friction on his Gearbox is marvelous; I've attempted it on a small MoC, using the XT4 torso, nonetheless. He gets a 9/10, such a creative build.
See my reviews on the protectors next!


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