Mix Max Murp! The Mixels MoC Topic!

Yay yay yay! Welcome to the Mixels MoC topic! Do You love Mixels? (I do.) This topic is for all Mix/Max/Murp MoCs.

Don't really know what Mixels are?






Ah Mixels, I enjoy these guys. Dunno jack about the lore, but uh, yeah their aesthetic is cool

I actually only have six, though. The Frosticons,(Flurr's my fav) and then the Wiztastics(Mesmo's mah boy)

They are my two favorite tribes, as well, with the Wiztastics winning out, if only for having a spider, and a flying character. Purple nonwithstanding. They're just cooler to me. Cooler than the Frosticons, yes. 8D

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Mixels Mix Batch #1

Gobba and Flurr (This is based off the website 'official' mix)

Torts and Hoogi (this one is also based off the website mix)

Teslo and Zorch

Shuff and Kraw

Slumbo and Vulk

Seismo and Tentro

Zaptor and Volectro

Magnifo and Wizwuz

Lunk and Glomp


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Mixels Mix Batch #2

Slumbo and Shuff

Gobba and Wizwuz

Volectro and Zorch (a.k.a.- Candlehead)

Magnifo and Zaptor

Seismo and Chomly

Teslo and Flurr

Hoogi and Vulk

Torts and Glomp

Tentro and Lunk



was only recently notified of this, pretty cool dude

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Thanks man, it took a while to make all of these.

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I quite like the last one

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