Mizuni Rotors

Biosector makes a brief reference to “Mizuni Rotors”- the propellers on Gali Nuva’s Aqua Axes. The name only seems to have appeared on promotional CDs that came with the Bohrok-Kal, again, according to BS01. I’ve never heard this name before a week ago, and can’t find much more info.

Is there further significance to this name? Is there anymore information that just didn’t make it to the site? Does anyone have one of these CDs to check a more verbatim data set?

Link for quick reference:

BS01 is not citing the CDs without having checked the content.

You can find the CD contents on BiomediaProject: Promo CDs | BioMedia Project

You can also find the entry here: (Toatapio has a lot of other clips from the CDs as well.)

As a note, since Mizuni is purely based on pronounciation, the spelling may be inaccurate. We have no way of knowing.


Thanks for showing me the way to that info, I was very much hoping to see/hear it for myself. It’s an odd little detail, and if anyone has any other tidbits I’d love to hear em. I’m starved for new lore so this discovery was quite a meal

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A quick search indicates that MIZU NI means “in water” in japanese, so that is the source of the name probably - in water rotors