Mizuno maiden of the storm

Mizuno is a rare case of matoran only having one toa to protect them tho she preforms her duty to the best of her abilities

Mizuno’s home village resides on the border of the united agori front and the skrall empire. the village is small with many matoran and agori living together in which a single matoran or agori is selected as the maiden of the storm a tradition which as a matoran she was chosen. upon a bone hunter raid to the village she manage to find a toa stone which gave her the doublestrike recurve and she managed to repel the invaders

MIzuno was soon chosen to be apart of the order of mata nui which lead her to be apart of the toa nikila lead by toa lesovikk with the same made to honor his fallen teammates. Before her departure to tayzun nui where the order now resided a skrall bandit attacked her village leaving her gravely wounded by the battle and having her lose he right arm. news traveled fast in the village and unknown to even the turaga a ga matoran bearing a new arm arrived to the toa in private and gifed her the new arm which gave mizuno and the village great joy

Mizuno bears the kanohi matatu which has been decorated by her village with feathers. her time in the order so far has opened her eyes to new things she wishes to learn while she still preforms her duty as the maiden of the storm even when her audience are now toa who may forget the meaning of the duty. upon the arrival of a new toa of ice to the team mizuno was most curious about him however the toa’s damaged memory made it hard to figure out who he was at times tho she is determined to find out the truth

honorable mentions go to eirowar made by biotuber playstippling for the idea of the bow design mine is a slightly modified variant and the legend reborn for the custom hand design on the right arm which was made for keetongu

feel free to comment any thoughts or opinion on the design or story behind mizuno i enjoy hearing what might be said


The colour scheme is a bit strange, but i actually really like this! that weapon design is also cool!


Looks good! The color scheme is kinda messy, but I do like the bow.

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looks cool
i assume toa of psionic’s?

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shes a toa of water tho a good guess since i never gave her toa element