MLP Anthro King Sombra

Might not have a pony head but it gives the creepy element just like King Sombra
(still planning on a new villain) a complete custom/ weak torso but is strong (weak build but a strong fixture)


Just noticed the ‘horn’ like object on his head. Overall from a moc perspective it’s pretty solid. The bottom arms look a little thin though and the shoulder armor seems to stick out a lot.

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Might want to bulk up those arms a bit, maybe some Glatorian or custom hands, too. Overall it looks okay, but it’s a bit cluttered for my tastes. Like the sword, and the grey system bits look interesting, but the parts that are primarily black are kinda eh.

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pretty good, but the arms need a bit more meat :wink:

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I’ll be honest,
it looks like Michael Bay directed a Gundam movie.

Too cluttered and overdesigned for my taste, also the lower arms need to go.


Honestly I see no real connection other than the colorscheme. Kinda looks generic.

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I can’t say I watch MLP, but from a moc perspective, it looks pretty sweet. Those shoulders are a tad gappy, and the blue pins sorta kill it, but other than that, I can’t see too much wrong with it.

Just out of curiosity, how did you attach Vladak’s head?

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I used a herofctory green brainattack head and 2 exo-force robot hands the ones with the straight sides not the curved


It’s not a bad MOC, on the contrary it’s a very good build. But why MLP, seriously, it’s wierd.

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The feet look rushed. Solid build however.

cause I’m a Brony hence my name

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Ok, Necroposting the crap out of this, but I still have no clue what you mean by that. Could you post pictures of just the head by any chance?

I can try

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Cool! Thanks in advance!