MLP Celestia

Here is the counterpart to my Nightmare Moon MOC same build different colours and stuff lol
here it is



Can I get a picture of the back?

I’m afraid its been dismantled now but a revamp might be coming

Oh well, looks big anyways.

Makes since that that many parts may be useful for other MOCs.

Wow! This is really cool, and-



Thank you

I my not be a brony, but I still think this is pretty cool!

wow this really cool. The build is a little messy but I can’t actually say I’d change anything.

don’t care

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I am not a Brony nor am I a fan of the show so I don’t know who this character is but


The color scheme is one of my favorites the white and gold it gives it a very royal look which is pretty unique know of days…but the only two critiques I can make are the rainbow mane wich I can let slide because Mlp and the legs, normally on your other Mocs I would say the animal like legs are out of place… But on this I feel it’s neccesary to finish the horse ascetic xD I know it’s ironic but otherwise 8.5/10

This looks pretty great. I absolutely love the royal look here. The only things that bug me is the exposed ball-joints and the Nuva chest, the latter juts out a bit too much.

Pretty swell MOC and-- wait, this is something from MLP! What am I saying? :stuck_out_tongue:


Saying this as a fan of MLP - what even? This looks incredibly awkward.


its Anthro based if you look at my Polger Moc you can see that ii am terrible at animals