MLP Lord Tirek

this is the only one that is 1% accurate Lord Tirek


Nice, and just in time too!!! This guy was threatening to blow up my house:

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Pretty great. The overall figure looks fantastic. Really the weakest parts are the legs, they look a tad awkward.

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Tirek has skinny legs

Mokay. Allow me to rephrase.

The front legs are very blocky with a large amount of exposed Techinic. The middle of them looks a tad unfinished with the apparent gaps. The back legs are better, but they too are very blocky.

In some regards, this is a bit of a serious mess in places, particularly his legs.
In other regards, though, I’d say you did good. I especially like how you handled his beefy arms.


dude it says 91% accurate

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…What’s that supposed to mean? She was just giving opinions on it

Hey I’m the GIF guy around here.
Nice MOC. Like the look of him. the colors brother me a little. what is this guy base off of?
here’s my GIF to you.


Lord Tirek, from MLP, as the title clearly says.

This definitely isn’t the best moc I’ve ever seen, but from glanceing over the source materiel I think you’ve done a pretty decent job…

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I was hoping MLP stood for something else besides My Little Pony.

Well it does.
You could have probably figured that out yourself, by looking in this topic, or Googling the name…

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I did. Now i need to clear my browsing.

I want to un-post some of my mocs how do I go round doing so

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