MLP OC Mako (Revamp)

a revamp on BlackBlooded Queen’s MLP OC Mako everything is custom apart from part of the tail i had to use CCBS bones to make it as not to make it too heavy. its a big improvement from the original i done which was done from memory. this one i followed a refrence picture

i know the trident has only two spires on it, it makes it look cooler with 2 instead of 3

everytime i take a pic of a MOC that needs support by my hand for a pose or showing a weapon off my hand looks feminine



when i look at this, with the tail, i can only think of an Orca Whale getting limbs.


Mako is basically a Orca pony but BB Q works more in Anthro than pony

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gets the point across.

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The Rahkshi head looks much creepier than I believe the intent was, and I’d recommend using gold tubing for the staff handle instead of yellow half bushings.


I’m gonna be blunt and say I’m not a fan.

Between the blocky torso, weirdly segmented legs, long neck, and awkward head, it’s really offputting to look at between all of the different aesthetics and could definitely use some work.


also this version of Mako (lego one) has two new builds the head and body (well behind the neck i’ll let you guess what torso it reminds you of)

@Joe only head i can think of that looks like Mako’s

@Lord_Tuma im trying to give muscle shapes with out giving him overally massive thighs and butt. look at a human thighs and back lower legs. i am still experimenting for my Mythron MOCs. are you not a fan because its MLP or that im being nice making something for something else? (just curious)

Didn’t realize people grew stripes out of muscle. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks alright, a little blocky, but overall pretty decent looking.


Ok, this is NOT a bad MOC. However it looks kind of awkward, mainly the legs, with the thighs already stated to be too big.


To be honest, it’s kinda creepy looking, the thin joints, lanky build and, how do I describe it, rended flesh, make this far more unsettling than I’m sure was intended.


I agree that this is far creepier than it should be though as a translation the color scheme works really well. It brings the organic design forward a lot better then some of your others that looked more like actual bionicles then ponies. Still don’t like mlp but I don’t have that much to really complain about here; I like it.


Gotta say, it looks pretty cool!

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The thin points on the legs look weird. I’d advise tires

otherwise, seems better