MLP Philomena

First try at a MLP Pet character
Philomena Princess Celestia's Pet


Ignoring the fact this is MLP (#bronyflashbacks) this MOC is really beautiful! It's definitely a tricky transition from the sleek almost minimalistic artwork of the origianl, but you've done a decent job doing that change.

Is there a reason from the grey pin sticking out the back? if there is, that's fair enough. If there isn't, burn it.

8/10 mate


I really love this thing, it is beautiful.
After looking up the source material, I only like it more, for the quality of the recreation...

it did combine to my lego celestia moc but now both are dismantled

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for a phoenix it's not so bad, really good

Looks good! Now some screenshots for comparison:

My overall reaction: I like it!

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I'm not very big on MLP, but looking at this on as a set, it looks very well built and the colours look great!

They look completely disinterested in what's going on. Someone made a bad joke and that's their reaction.

It looks good, but the axle sticking out of his back doesn't look too good. Probably a good idea to try and cover that up

What's the head from?

looks like the last wave of the ultra build Chima, exclusive to Europe-Asia or something

as I said it did combine to my Celestia MOC

@noob1234 its from the last lot of Chima ultra build sets that I managed to pick up for clearance for £3 that was lucky

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