MMD(N)E [Make me draw (not) everything!]

Its summer, I got Gold coin in CSGO operation Bloodhound and im about to finish Portal Stories: Mel…

So what idea would be to create topic where I post Drawings of YOU?

Ye, im goin to kill myself… with WORK! (Bad joke)

I will say when I will be away, so I would not be able to draw YOU, couse Im definitly going somewhere this summer :stuck_out_tongue:

(Always add some kind of reference to yar character)


Could you draw me? Thanks m8.

Could ya add reference?

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Just Klakk-a-lak.

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How about me? Please? Never mind…

A community art request topic?

you already drew me forever ago, or my original avatar at least, so I won’t request anything now.



All that important Info:
I will start drawing as soon as I will get atleast 4 request (4 per one batch, unless there will be… wahtever)

Can you draw this:

my oreeeganal oc


A community art topic, huh.
You are already dead

Might as well request a drawing


draw my glorious face

5 things! I’d better get to my notepad tommorow!

Draw my Self-MOC’s evolution. I have a video for my current Self-MOC.

Nice! Now, where is Video?

You were tagged in the topic.

Could you by chance draw Booster Gold in all of his glory?

Depends, Im preety bad at human-drawing :stuck_out_tongue:

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ngram ain’t yo OC

Also, I wish you luck Creep.


Tommorrow I’m gonna post a picture of a MOC i’ve recently made that i’d like to request,so keep a place for me,please? q:

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…Me please?..

Ok… will “hopefully” post pictures today!