Mobile Site Freeze

I don’t know if anyone else has been experiencing this, but when I open a topic on my phone, it will load but then freeze if I try to do anything, honestly I’m not even sure it’s the boards, but it’s really annoying regardless.

I hope that this topic doesn’t ironically freeze on me.


I haven’t had the problem on my phone, not sure why that is happening.

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I can second this.
Once I spent 5 minutes waiting for the posting box to appear, but alas it froze.

Out of all of the problems I’ve had on the mobile site, this is not one of them.

Guess what just happened…

This is really annoying, topics keep freezing, the categories don’t freeze, yet whenever I load a topic it freezes. I just wish I knew what was happening.


Mhh…interesting - I will try to go on my phone too.

I had this for a bit, but then it went away.

I have the problem that the website randomly doesn’t load on my phone

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Not sure if it’s the same thing, but on occasion the page ‘loads’ but is completely blank with nothing on it. I either habe to refresh, or close the tab.


Only rarely have I experienced this, so I don’t know what could’ve gone wrong for you.

This happens to me about every third topic I open. I always assumed it was my internet I guess not, but I have to completely close my browser then reopen it

I have the same thing

Have you tried scrolling up? Sometimes a page loads past the bottom of the page.

Yep, it goes completely white screen other than the message howrds banner and the buttons present on it.