Mobile Suit Gundam and all related works

Well... Sounds, um, interesting...

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Emphasis on "trying."

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I think the biggest issue is the massive focus on romance. If they tone it down, it'll probably help.

this show better give us more Gyan variants

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Ok, ok, Gyanjoe.

I have a tendency to like new Gyan variations when literally like only 6 Gyan Gunpla have been made XD

Though I'd also like to see a fighter who mains the Zeong.

It's such a stupid design but it's so unique.

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got me there.


Build Fighters Try already has a harem.

Sekai just can't notice XD

Honestly Island Wars was just mindless fluff. That's kind of what Try does best: all stupid, no substance.
I won't pretend that the original was a masterpiece, but at least the Reiji story and plot elements were interesting. Fights were strategic and depended on both pilot ability and building expertise. Try is generic "whoever can yell loudest wins".
Also, Island Wars sodomized the Psycho Gundams and that is not okay.

This is why I'm waiting to judge the story.

The epsiode ended on a note that implies the Arian arc will have presence here. I don't think Island Wars is fluff, I think this episode was. Keep in mind, this is a good year or two after Try, new audiences may need some context and the people who watched it when it originally aired will need a brief recap.

That said, I always will and have prefered the original Build Fighters, and I think this will be their way to cross the two.

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It's unique because everyone realized how stupid of a design it was, so they never replicated it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I might like it more than the RX-78 because it actually looks interesting

Powered GM Cardigan?

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Yeah. I think

I hate double post glitch...

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It honestly surprises me how many people prefer Try over the original (even though it's technically not the original). The original had more depth, and had more unique challenges, and better characters, while Try is pretty much

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I think a lot of it has to do with the Gunpla enthusiasts. Try overall gave us (in my opinion) more original kits. I prefer Try's designs and Gunpla and I prefer GBF's story.

The original is my favorite

That's true.

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We need to keep in mind, GBF, no matter the season has two primary audiences: kids and Gunpla builders. This is the show for Gunpla builders, and I think it just makes sense if the toyline dictated what people thought. I preferred the original story overall, but I also loved how diverse Try was in the designs. I don't actually recall the original featuring any SD's. To me, it comes down to what you're looking for. I really liked both.

The story writing enthusiast part of me prefers GBF, and the Gunpla building part of me (what got me into Gundam in the first place) loves the designs of GBFT. They both have their pros and cons, it's a matter of what you like.

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yea, but i'm used to Mech shows like that.


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Not just mech shows

That's DBZ in a nutshell :stuck_out_tongue:


We all know the most amazing part of the Super sayans is their ability to SCCCRRREEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

Depends on the mech show. Gundam has a lot of screaming but that usually doesn't have anything to do with who's going to win. The only ones that I can recall that suffer from this pitfall are G Gundam, the SEED series and Build Fighters.
As for other mech shows, depends on the genre. Super robot for sure has this but that's to be expected.