Mobile Suit Gundam and all related works

I saw that too, it's amazing.

They changed the intro for Episode 18 of Re:0096 in order to transition between episodes 6 and 7 of the OVA.

The art in the op is absolutely gorgeous

Build Fighters TRY Island Wars is out.
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I ordered my first Gunpla. The RX-78-2 RG 1/144

Ehh, making a RG as your first or second kit isn't really a good idea... unless you're joking.


He did order it as his first.

(my largest concern is how he ordered the kit that killed the RG line for some people)

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I'll be fine.

It's weird, I think my first kit after a several year hiatus was the RG Wing Zero C....

I'm considering buying it. I've got the old MG but it's kinda finicky.

It's great, currently got it in a bag, but while it could survive a few accidental drops, it's very fragile, especially the V-wing....

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So this is really cool

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yep. Japanese MOCists are friggin' epic, man.

There are times when I wish LEGO would give Bandai and the like the right to produce a GSR kit.

Bought Barbatos because of that inner frame alone, probably should've hold for the more detailed one. I'd make my own conversion kit to make that inner frame into the GSR


The Hi-Res isn't worth it IMO. It has less posability than the normal 1/100 and is either too loose or too tight in certain joints.
As for a LEGO Gundam, there were Mega Bloks Gundam sets at one point. I've found next to nothing on them aside from $350 eBay listings and listings on HobbyLink Japan.

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So, I just watched the new episode of Island Wars. May I just say, it was stupid, confusing, and ridiculous, and I LOVED it. Unlike Try, it's actually continuing the Arian arc Build Fighters started. If I had to comment on anything I disliked, it'd be Shia's character. She seems a lot less shy than before.

I also wish the romance thing from Try would be a little more of a background subject than how prominent it was in this.

I loved the Mobile Suits, and the continuity from the original Build Fighters season (which still stands as my favorite Gundam season of all time). The characters are a bit awkward, but everything else makes sense. I'm also quite interested in seeing whether the residents of Arian can control Plavsky Particles. I do also hope we see some other Build Fighters characters make their return, particularly Ricardo Fellini.

Oh, and one other thing; Gyanko's new Mobile Suit is awesome. The Gyan was already my favorite Mobile Suit, add the armor of a horseback-mounted knight and you have one of my favorite designs they could come up with. All in all, I really enjoyed the premier episode, and here's hoping for more Gyan variations!

from what I hear I should Stay away from Island Wars

or atleast what I heard from some fellow Gundam enthusiasts

I personally enjoyed it, and I see no reason why you couldn't spare the 30 minutes to try it out yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Island Wars was totally trying to be a Harem-Ecchi.

It's cringy, but in an oddly good way... so, it's so bad, that it's good.

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Oh, yay.

this is gonna be a FUN one to sit through,