Mobile Suit Gundam and all related works

Honestly, the Ex Standard line disappointed me in this regard. I initially thought it was sort of a "higher end" SD line so the bobble-headed robots could get better engineered kits. Alas, it was just more articulation paired with even MORE stickers...

On another note, the Master Grade Dark Matter Exia is absolutely amazing.

Apparently Kumamon from Digimon was partially based off of the Zaku II.


Didn't know that existed, is it good?

Fairly, it is from 2003. It's pretty limited, but it does everything a Gogg really can do, so I can't complain. The only think I would have changed is added a specialized base so the "submarine" mode could properly be displayed.

Is it not compatible with action bases?

Nah, they got around this with the MG Acguy from 2005 by just including a specialized one.

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Someone in a Facebook Group made this.
Original model:
Imgur post:

Man, people really love their Sinanju...

That looks pretty cool, but in all honesty the finish looks a little messy to me somehow.

Also, I just saw the new trailer for The Origin episode 4. This will probably end up my favorite episode of the bunch, because I adore the animation used for Mobile Suits in The Origin.

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So, anybody want to talk about the upcoming kits? My favorite of the bunch is the GM Sniper II.

I'm pretty darn excited for the Shiden, love the design. That said, only one kit can truly make me anxious for the upcoming months:


Agreed! Gotta love specialized grunt suits. Especially since Bandai is giving the GM design more MG love.

After what, 10 years? It's great to see the good old GM getting a new base kit.

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Meanwhile, Bandai is rolling in the cash of MG Zaku II 2.0 reprints.


That they are. They look like good models, though.

As someone who owns it, I can say nothing is wrong with this :laughing:

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Same here, just saying that having to keep up with all the MG Zaku II releases is making me and my wallet sweat a little. They are really solid kits though, so I can see why Bandai is doing this.

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I'm definitely gonna have to grab the Extreme Burst Destiny.
It's just so awesome.

I still want Bandai to make a MG Gyan 2.0. The old kit for it is sort of terrible, and with the new (and rather popular) Gyancelot design they could repurpose it for that version as well.

The Gogg is an older kit but I'm satisfied with the MG, but it could really use an HG Revive.

On another note, I now really want this now that I've realized how downright absurd this is...

By the way, if anyone is new to Gunpla, recommend them the RX-78 Revive, it's AMAZING,

On yet another unrelated note, the new IBO episode came out today. I think I know who the guy in the metal mask is...

Get the Rouge :stuck_out_tongue:

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I second this. The kit is a really fun build and the end result is great.

So as it turns out, Shino's custom Shiden is getting a P-Bandai release and not a wide release like the Ryusei-Go.