Mobile Version Zoom Problem

Today, my phone on this site only, zooms, and with Chrome, I can't zoom out on mobile, let alone in. This is making it hard to read posts and stuff. I really have no idea what's wrong, as I went to my Deviant Art earlier when this happened, and it was fine, but I came to this page, it remained the same.



Seriously I'm glad I don't use mobile.

(at some point we ought to just make a topic for all mobile bugs)


Not just you, squeaverking, it's happening for me too... I thought it might have something to do with them trying to fix the issue about the background in the Bionicle section... But I wouldn't know.

EDIT: Seems I guessed right.


Oi. The mobile site is important for me n weekends when I'm usually away from my laptop.

It's important to quite a few folks here, like, all the time.

And we the staff are aware of that, and we'll try to pester @IllustriousVar and @Kahi as much as possible to get things running, but like Var said, this stuff is kinda tricky to work around.


Unless the issue is with you're phone, what you're describing is most likely desktop mode, which is just the normal version of the site being loaded on your phone rather than a mobile one. Meaning nothing should be wrong aside from being slightly inconvenienced with scrolling.

The mobile version of the site is disabled currently while we attempt to optimize it.

Honestly, mobile is a really dumb way to browse the internet and I really wish people didn't use it, but since they do we now have to work on two completely different versions of the site, which is hassle and can take time. So please bear with us while we fix things


I understand... I much prefer desktop to mobile, but... Sometimes I'm too lazy to get out of bed and my phone is right there stuck_out_tongue
But even then, sometimes I like using desktop sites on mobile.

Props to you for staying on top of this, though smiley

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What am is Laptop?
(Miss spelled for a reason.)

Thanks for working on the mobile issues guys!
The zoom issue is very much gone.
But, It keeps crashing, but still, I am greatly appreciative on the progress. smile

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