MOC #3 Matoran Pohatu, Phantoka!

hello and welcom to my third MOC! my english is not great, but i will try to do my best. today i make an matoran of pohatu, it was really fun to make it, i love the color orange that he has.
i made pohatu with ccbs and with normal bionicle parts.
i hope you like it and leave tips adn tricks behind so i can learn and see what you think you’ve done to this moc.
i talk to much now, so take a look at it and i see you next!

the skelet from the torso!

i really like his weapon!

this pose is my favorite!

that’s it, i hope you liked it!
for now, peace out, RF.


Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is Consistent
  • Like the arms
  • Spikes on the upper arms look meh
  • Tires on legs don’t fill up the legs entirely
  • Don’t like the torso that much

I would give this MOC a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work :wink:


Looks interesting…
I like the weapon, and the build looks fairly good, however his shoulder’s seem a bit… lacklustre. they seem a little thin and spindly, as do the top of the legs. The spikes on his shoulders and back seem a bit awkward, especially with the one on the back of the head. the colour scheme looks good, aside from the blue pins. The hands look good, and I like the callback to 01 Pohatu with the add-ons in the feet.

I reckon it’s around a 6/10. Good concept, however there are a few things that need fixing, mainly the spindly areas and the awkward spikes.

Keep it up!

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I like it, it’s simple enough for a matoran, and has its’ quirks to stand out from other creations like it.

Also I never knew you could attach armour add on pieces like that.

My world has changed.

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Nifty little MOC. I like the design of the limbs and the color scheme is consistent, though I’m not to big on the spikes near the head.

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I think he’s good but I think he should have weapons similar to the full size Pohatu’s weapons.

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That looks Fantasti-cool™! I really like it! Good job!


@Plural @PekekoaOfJungle @Stoax @Blaiz1t @DoremarNuva and @Sciencegiraffe , thanks for the support! i also removed some of the spikes, but not all of them. it stood actualy better, so thank :smile: