Moc: 3nvy_9q

another moc from yours truly.

envy is a cyborg.

and a cat burgerler.

and has wheels for feet.


This is hugely inventive!! The wheels are just fab and the way you integrated the support as a third leg, really nice. The colours are vibrant and work well together. Bit of a pointless use of the cloth as it doesn’t do much for him. The weapons are fantastic the way they fold out. Overall, a really cool looking thing!!


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Now this is what Umbra should’ve been like!

I’d replace the trans blue armor with purple.

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Sounds pretty normal

That is pretty unique.

Lines have been crossed.

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This looks so cool. I really like it. :smile:

It looks very interesting. I like it

i would too if i had that much purple

Looks good, but that wheels might be a little too big.

The few purple pieces look a bit out of place. but overall them MOC looks great!

The custom torso really fits the motif, well done.

Pretty nice. The cloth bit throws me off slightly.

they see me rollin’
She must get ‘tyred’ often.

This MOC wins for me just because of how unique and creative it is.

kinda strange, but very good :smile:

fyi, this is a girl. just a heads up

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I got to say it looks great.
Nice inclusion of the wheels as feet.