MOC #5 Hahli, Bulk master of water + SPECIAL FEATURE!

hello and welcom to my fifth moc, this time i builded toa hahli, toa of water, but then much bulkier XD. i really enjoyed making it because it has a special feature in its torso and i think its quite unique, if im wrong, correct me!
all the gunmetal pieces that you see on hahli, are actually all my gunmetal pieces XD, so be careful whenm you say you dont like the silver that much, its because i had to, srry.
also i didnt put his unique sword in it, thats because i cant find it anymore, just that!
well, i talked too much now, look at it and leave your comment/critisism. thanks for all the support you guys give me!
for now, peace out, RF.

his weapon:

you open those to...

put balls in it, its extra room for ammo for you blaster gun thing XD.

and this are just some poses:

thanks for looking at my Hahli, bulk master of water!


R.I.P. Hahli's femininity.

R.I.P. My sanity. /s

Hahli Inika revamp. Okay.

Moustache Face. -10
No CCBS. -10
Good Color Scheme. +10
Bigger is better, I guess? +5
Dat Zamor Cannon. +10

BONUS ROUND: Melded pieces.
6 Melded. +1/piece.

Total: 11 Points. You are better than me at MOCing. GG.


So...her "feature" is her ripping out her innards and using them as ammo


Jesus Hahli first the Moustache now steroids and a sex change


@TFM101 , hahaha srry for the 'his', it goes automaticly. and thanks for the rating of course!

@Rockho , pretty much, yeah!

@Whaddon , yeah, im not the best in making bionicle feminin, but she is still one hell of a tough gril you know XD.


It doesn't look feminine at all,the body looks like a triangle,the claws are weird and the arms looks spindly compared to the rest.
Also the upper legs look too flat.
Yeah..i don't really like it,personnally.

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Huh, I didn't know Hahli was related to @Rockho.




She's rather lanky, outside of the body. And her arms are really basic. The white seems odd looking as well. 5/10


Rather than her limbs, I think her body's bit bulky just for the gimmick. Otherwise is decent

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I like the kidney spheres and the epic weapon.

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this actually looks kinda cool


Hali is a girl

I got to admit this is pretty great.
But the white feel out of place and the torso looks weird.

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Hello, captain obvious.

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In the moc disciption the creator said Hali was a guy

Nice work, the feature is interesting though. When 2016 kopaka comes out you should use his navy blue shell pieces. Just an idea

The gun/blaster looks a bit heavy considering the arm size and hand size of it. You either might want to change the gun or the arms for future reference. I really like the color fluency though. Nice job!


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Reminds me of Starscream