MOC: Arcs, Tahtorak Hunter

This is my second MOC i post on the messageboards. This one was an experiment to make a decent creation while using tohunga parts. The hardest part of the build was the sword which is, of course, Cloud’s buster sword from final fantasy 7. in order to make the illusion of a missing eye, i used a small minifig cape and placed it on the mask’s axle.


The MOC seems very innovative, and I especially like the missing eye that you did. I do have to say that the proportions are awful, and the Tohunga feet are probably a bad idea.
EDIT: Color scheme could probably be better.


there’s actually quite a bit of articulation with the tohunga feet. What would you suggest for a change in the color scheme?


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Awesome, isn’t it?


Just have less colors, the white especially clashes.

I tried to replace the white with black parts, and it doesn’t look good

It still looks bad with white.

what color would you replace the white with?

It looks OK. My biggest issues lay in the color scheme and the torso, which seems a bit too long.

It gets a 7/10 in my book.

Good Job! :grinning:

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The MOC itself looks messy and has awfull proportions,but i guess the idea is nice.
Sword looks awesome,thought.

I’d call this

a bad idea, executed decently.

Never played FF, but that sword is sweet. What were you trying to accomplish with the figure himself? Also, some closer pics of the main body would be appreciated.

i was trying to make a decent MOC while using tohunga parts

Then in that case you succeded. But what’s with the Chirox mask on his shoulder?

a gradient between the white and the black due tu the gray on the mask

I love it! This guy is cool!

My sentiments exactly.