Moc - Aria, Queen of the Dragons

In case you were wondering, no, she does not look good without the cloak.

This is the last dragon, I promise! I really wanted two to use the white dragon’s wings and head from the Elves theme in a Moc. She had the size of a titan in the beginning, but as I continued, I realized that her wing pieces were too small. The result is a mid-sized moc that has some compromises in the back but is an overall decent looking piece. Feedback is more than welcome!



this Moc looks great but i would consider adding something to cover that exposed ball-joint but other than that this moc is fantastic.

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Yea, that thing has been bugging me. I haven’t found anything out yet, unfortunately.

I love how you used the Elves parts!



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nice use of color and great use of rocka’s helmet!

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I really enjoyed using them. Glad you noticed!

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This looks really cool.

I really like the cape and shoulders!

I’m not big on the golden creature heads and 2016 crystal pieces. The gradient on those pieces makes them look greenish, which spoils the color scheme a little, in my opinion.