MOC: Arrok

New MOC, enjoy! (the name is pronounced "AW-rock")

Bio: Arrok isn't actually a Rahkshi, which is why he has no spines or place to house a Kraata. Long ago, he was a proud Toa of Fire. But he was unlike any Toa before, or after him. He was brash, rude, arrogant, cold, and a fool. He cared not for the Matoran, only himself and his Toa team, which he ruled with an iron fist. He always took the easiest route to solve a problem, not giving any thought to the consequences or how his tactics may prove ineffective, dangerous, or simply foolish. He constantly made decisions that put his brothers and sister Toa in peril. Arrok lacked the ability to look at things on a situational level, and thus, never thought of what consequences may accompany his decisions, often leading to someone he cared about being harmed. On one occasion, he and his fellow Toa were tracking a rogue group of Bohrok, and Arrok made the call to advance on them before he had taken in his surroundings. Because of this, he never saw that a few Bohrok had slipped away to flank the Toa. His teammates urged him to take more time to examine the situation, but Arrok had assumed complete control of his fellow Toa, and insisted that they move in. This led to the deaths of two of his brothers; all because of his brashness and inability to let others give input. His remaining comrades never forgave him, and would come to shun him in all of his future endeavors as a Toa of Fire. In other words, they only saw 'The Worst' in Him. This drove Arrok mad. He couldn't bear the way his brothers and sister had forsaken him, and through his unforgiving anger, he became horribly mutated, and now resembles a Rahkshi. However, he still has his elemental abilities of fire. Now unrecognizable to all his former friends, he lives alone, surviving only in the cocoon of his own malice and misery. Vowing one day to exact revenge on all those who ever thought wrongly of him.


Let me just say, HOLLY RED! First I want to talk about the story wink After reading I would say there is definitely much hatred and selfish moods coming out of it, which is perfect for what you're going for! He is unquestionably a self absorbed person that doesn't take anyone’s input. I'd believe that this guy could go into a big enough rage to corrupt himself physically&mentally grin

Now for the build, again HOLLY RED! For the overall build I can see he is based around the inika build (which is completely fine with me) but you put a couple twists on it with the custom lower legs and chest. Now a few things do bother me. First thing that pops up is the two blue pins on his torso, since his body is pretty much completely red the blue contrasts with it a lot. The other thing would be the blades out of his lower legs, They seem a bit out of place IMO, but I think if they were in any other direction I would be fine with them.

Other than that I enjoy the story and the build to go with it! I'm excited to see what else comes from you wink


If you can, I advise doing something about the blue pins. On a red MOC like this, they really stand out. You could use gray ones if you happen have any. Other than that, very nice build, and pretty coherent color scheme. I will also say that in terms of his structure, the Mistika fins on his legs seem to be jutting out too far, and look a bit awkward.

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But yeah, I like this MOC. Nice color scheme, solid build, overall every nice.

*cough tahu *cough

I actually like this moc, and while I normally don't like jawless rahkshi heads on non-rahkshi characters, saying he was mutilated is as good an excuse an any.


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There is no rule saying he has to.

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