MOC Avelkii + Bio

so here's a little more info on good ol' Phantom here.
I tried to give him as much of a toa Metru look as possible and those 2015 armour add-ons were helpful in that.

Name: Avelkii

Alias: Silent Phantom

"At least I get the job done."

He's a toa of iron from the island of Le-Vuro. He was made a toa the day before the island began to sink. Though no one blames him openly for it his other toa hold some resentment towards him, it doesn't help that he's far from the avreage toa. He prefers to find a creative solution to a problem rather than simply throwing his elemental powers at it like his fellow toa. He enjoys inventing tools and gadgets both for his duties as a hero and daily life for the matoran. He even built his own toa weapon, a blade with an attached barrel that uses explosive thornax fruit to fire metal projectiles. In combat he usually relies on stealth based tactics, flanking an enemy and setting traps for them. Many of the other toa look down on him for this. He doesn't mind the ridicule too much, he loves making things but can sometimes be too confident in his creations leading to him requiring the help of his teammates to bail him out of trouble. He wears a crudely forged mask of foresight allowing him to see any possible outcome in the near future and utilizes this to enhance his combat prowess.


oh i like that gun.

I feel like if you replaced that Tridax pod with a solid color piece that served a similar purpose he'd have a pretty legit helmet/hat. I don't really like how it is the same color s his head though. MOC looks pretty cool, wish you had a different color for that Metru Chestplate that better fit his color scheme.


Red Aero Slicer?

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It' from an Exo-Force set: Grand Titan.

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trust me if I had any of the pieces you mentioned I would have done just that XD

I love the weapon but hate the head. All in all, an interesting design and concept, but one fatal flaw.

Cool weapon and solid build. The only nippick I can think of is heird-looking head.


Mushroom man returns....


yeah the head seems to be the main point of contention