moc:BIG BLUE update/re-do new pics

this rahi filter feeds on the bottom of the deep ocean in small groups and are very territorial and will attack other groups of BIG BLUES if they get to close to there territory

don’t now what casted the shadow glitch in the camera

based of off this animal the blue lobster


not bad.

if you’re going for a lobster moc, you might want to take some of that girth in the chest, and use it to bulk up the claws and lengthen the tail.

if the wide chest was 100% intentional, then at the very least bulk the claws up

oh, and if you can, add a bit more sand blue, to make the bohrok lobster legs not stick out so much.

Well, he’s big, and blue. Though the size and monochrome color scheme makes him very odd and boring to look at. He could really use some contrasting colors, do some research on deep sea creatures, they’re all very unique and colorful.

It’s a really cool moc, but those little red axls just break some of the color scheme. You can improve that, try using black axles instead. And also try making it less bulkier on the front. Great moc overall :blush:

ya the black pin idea I will do but I am keeping the huge torso I want it to be a hulking brute. and under water things float very well to that’s why he has small legs.

I think the upper arms could use a little more beef.

I think the lobster motif is presented decently here- particularly the claws, antennae, and feet- though there could be some smoother texturing in areas.

Though it is a bit messy and cluttered, I can see the characteristics of the blue lobster here on the MOC.
Just smoothing it out a bit more and make the traits a bit more well defined and it should turn out well.

I don’t even like lobster but if it was blue I would eat it.

Gargamel, is that you?

The chest looks very cluttered and messy, not very shell-like for a crustacean.

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It’s big, it’s blue…
So the name is pretty spot on :stuck_out_tongue:.

I think it looks rather good! the tiny arms in the middle of the body are a bit unnecessary, but overall I quite like it

just found out lobsters are cannibals so I guess the fights between groups would be life and death.